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Free Breathing Ashtanga Yoga was originally established in 2013 when Ian (see bio) began offering Ashtanga yoga classes in London. After a number of years teaching globally Ian is now based in Berlin, Germany. 


For details on day/times see classes.​



Ashtanga ('ash-tanga') literally means eight ('ashta') limbs ('anga').

Like many things from India, the exact origins of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system are somewhat shrouded in mystery. What we know is that it was taught by Sri T Krishnamacharya in the early part of the 20th Century at the Royal Palace in Mysore. One of his earliest and most devoted pupils was Sri K Pattahbi Jois, and was later responsible for bringing the Astanga system out to the rest of the world.

Ashtanga yoga is a system of combining postures (asana) with breath (pranayama) and movement in a controlled and synchronised way. This synchronicity of movement from posture to posture is what we call Vinyasa.

The word Vinyasa means 'to place' (vi) 'in a special way' (nyasa).

What characterises Ashtanga so distinctly is the focus on both strength and flexibility in a co-ordinated and balanced method. This means it is open and accessible to all, no matter what you are looking for from a yoga practice.



In 2022, Ian launched a new programme in Berlin at the Enso Yoga studio in Mitte. A beautiful bright and warm practice space in the heart of the city.

Just a few minutes walk from Kochstraße (U6), Stadtmitte (U2/U6) and Spittelmarkt (U2).

The studio offers male and female changing rooms, showers, as well as providing free to use mats and other props.

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