As the situation in relation to COVID-19 / Coronavirus continued to evolve we took the difficult decision to suspend Mysore classes at Little Mandarin starting Monday 23rd March 2020. 
Any students with current passes will have these paused, and any unused classes/days will be credited back to you when we reopen. 
We do not currently want to make a prediction on when we will resume however if the situation appears to be extended, we have a number of ideas and for interim measures and will be in touch in due course.
In the meantime keep practicing. You have a wonderful practice that you can do wherever you have space to lay down your mat. I would encourage you to support the wider Melbourne Mysore community where you can. 
Otherwise I will be here. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out - I will be pleased to help.
Take care in the meantime and I hope to see you very soon.
Love and light 



Watch this space


Koh Samui - January 2019

Sardinia - June 2017

Bali - February 2017



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